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Get to know the sandbox
Get to know the sandbox

Get familiar with our all-access, free-forever testing environment

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What is the sandbox?

When you sign up with Griffin, you will start off in the sandbox. The sandbox is a testing environment that lets you try out our platform right away, without going through a full onboarding process and with no commitment to buy.

The sandbox mirrors our live environment as closely as possible - actions and their outcomes will run in the same way. But as the sandbox is a testing environment, it has limited contact with the outside world and the data contained in some outcomes (for example, customer verification checks) will be simulated.

How do I access the sandbox?

You can get instant access to the sandbox by signing up for our app here:

From there, you can start exploring the UI or get your API key and start building.

The sandbox will always be free, with no time limit on your access and no credit card or NDA required to sign up. Our goal is to let you dive straight in and discover the value you can get from Griffin on your own terms and at your own pace.

What can I do in the sandbox?

Right now, you can:

  • Onboard your customers. Use Verify to simulate KYC/KYB verification checks on UK companies, sole traders and individuals, make onboarding decisions, and view audit trails.

  • Create operational bank accounts. Open as many operational accounts as you for your company like and make transfers between them.

  • Create customer bank account. Create unlimited safeguarding and client money accounts for your customers and get full visibility on their activity with our built-in ledger.

  • Send payments. Add payees and simulate sending payments to UK bank accounts. You'll start off with a test balance of £1,000 to play around with!

The sandbox is a powerful tool for building and testing integrations - one company built a full working prototype of their UK app using just our sandbox and our developer documentation.

As we launch new products and features, we will continue to add them to the sandbox. Our goal is to let you experience our platform exactly as you would in our live environment, with no restrictions or roadblocks.

Are there any limitations on the sandbox?

While our goal is for the sandbox to be a like-for-like experience of our live platform, some things have to be simulated. Right now, this includes:

  • Payments. Payments and transactions with the outside world are simulated - they will behave exactly as they do in live mode, but no actual money is being sent and our payment partners are not involved.

  • Onboarding your customers. Some of the data contained in check results with be simulated and always return as "successful". No emails to company directors or owners requesting ID&V can be triggered in sandbox. (Note: Our sandbox is connected to the Companies House API as this is publicly available information, and so results related to this data are real.)

Please make sure to read our privacy notice and to obtain consent before uploading any real personal data to the sandbox.

What happens when I'm ready to go live?

Right now, if you want to go live with Griffin, you will need to contact us. After you go live, you'll retain access to sandbox mode so you can thoroughly test new products and features as they're released.

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