How do I register a security device?
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When you sign up for a new Griffin account, you will be prompted to create a passkey, which will be stored on your chosen security device. You’ll only need to do this once, but this is a mandatory step in both sandbox and live mode.

Your device can be your smartphone, tablet, or a specialist security key (like a YubiKey). We don’t support laptops as security devices.

You will need to use your security device to authenticate yourself whenever you log in or make a payment

We only support one security device per account - so please choose a trusted device that you will always have on hand!

Registering your device

  1. Click Register device to get started.

  2. In the WebAuthn pop-up, select your preferred option and follow the instructions. If you choose a phone or tablet, you will need to scan the QR code. You don’t need a dedicated authenticator app for this - just open your device’s camera and point it at the screen.

Your phone or tablet must have WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, or be connected to the computer with a USB cable.

The pop-up might look a bit different depending on your browser and OS (this example uses a MacBook with Google Chrome). If the only option you see is to use a security key, you may need to click Use a different device (or Cancel on Windows) to see the option to use your phone or tablet.

Logging in and making payments

Every time you log in to Griffin, you will need to have your security device on hand so you can authenticate yourself using your passkey. Similarly, whenever you send a payment, clicking Confirm and send will prompt you to authenticate using your passkey.

When prompted, select the type of device from the pop-up and follow the instructions. If you are using a phone or tablet, you will need to scan the QR code.

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